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What is a
Smart Home?

Explore the possibilities.

Imagine a home that doesn’t just respond to your actions, but your needs.

Your shades automatically rise in the morning, allowing you to start the day with sunlight. A collection of your favorite music plays while you sip your morning coffee. When you leave for work or to take the kids to school, you can shut off all the lights from a single switch. Forgot to lock your front door? Secure your home from your phone.

Explore the possibilities with 425tech.

Smart Home

Maybe you only want to update certain aspects of your home, such as your home theater or lighting. Or perhaps you want smart home technology integrated throughout your entire home.

As an experienced smart home design and programming consultant, I listen to your needs and help create a custom system to meet them.

A Control4 smart home provides complete control of your lights, music, security, entertainment, temperature, and more with a tap, voice command, or with no command at all.

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Entertainment for the whole family.

Smart Home Theater

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If you need to upgrade your current equipment, I can also help you design a home theater your entire family will love. After we’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy the Seahawks game from any tv in your home.

Lighting control that works for you.

Smart Home Lighting & Shades

Lighting helps to create the perfect ambiance for your family’s daily activities and hosting guests.

You can create scenes which adjust the lighting to match the desired activity. For example, ‘eat’ can raise the lights over the dining room table and dim them over the dishes in the sink – nothing to see here, folks. “Relax” can dim the lights on date night, setting the stage for great conversation and fine wine.

Smart home lighting can also be used as a form of security, rotating which lights turn on and off around your house to make it appear as if you’re home, even when you’re not.

You’ve never felt so safe.

Smart Home Security

By integrating a proven smart home security system, you can have peace of mind, whether you’re home or away. Provide each family member with their own code – even be notified when your kids type in their code after school.

Monitor your home right from your phone. Not sure if you locked the front door or shut the garage? You can check it from your phone and secure it if you didn’t. You can even receive notices when the power is out, or the internet is down.

There’s no place on earth that should make you feel more safe and secure than your own home.

Explore the possibilities.

Whether you need for your smart home – you can find it here under the same roof with 425tech.