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Commercial Audio Video Services

Small business owners wear many hats. You’re the president and CEO, making executive decisions. You might also be filling the role of marketing manager, sales director, or human resources. You probably don’t have free time for coffee breaks – unless it’s a drive-thru!

It also means you don’t have time to call one company for your conferencing needs, or a different one for your security monitoring. You need one company that can listen to your needs and design an a/v integration solution that can meet all of them.

That’s where 425tech comes in.

Bring everyone together with a single click.

Video Conferencing

Your employees commute from all over. It can be costly for them (and you) to commute for employee trainings or ad hoc meetings.

Video conferencing is a great way to bring everyone together in the same room, without fighting traffic to get there. The face time allows people to connect with one another, get on the same page, and be more engaged than a phone call — and it’s more convenient than an in-person meeting.

425tech utilizes Zoom, a simple, reliable cloud platform, for video and audio conferencing, podcasts, and webinars.

Check out Zoom >

Set just the right ambiance.

Commercial Sound System

425tech can help you create the perfect ambiance for your customers and employees with the right commercial sound system.

You might own a restaurant that needs music to fade into the background. Or maybe you own a winery or bar that wants live performers to be a focal point — and draw a crowd. Audio can also be instrumental for retail shops and lobbies, creating a welcoming space for people to shop or wait.

Whatever your needs, we can can help select the right system for your space.

Bringing you complete peace of mind.

Security & Access Control Systems

425tech can install a security system that grants access to the people who are supposed to be there — and acts as a barrier to the people who aren’t.

You can manage the security control system remotely, opening or locking the door via an app. It also allows you to remove access immediately for employees who have left the company, or to add access for new employees.

Lighting control that works for you.

Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Whether a single room or whole building solution, I help you design and install the right commercial lighting system.

Improve the ambiance for your employees and customers while conserving on energy costs. I design flexible, scalable systems that can fully integrate lighting, shading, and sensors providing intelligent, automated lighting control for your business.

Sell without saying a single word.

Digital Wall Displays

Maybe you want to showcase the features of a new product. Or you want to display a snapshot of your company’s performance. You could even display a slideshow of your recent event or the awards that you’ve won. With digital wall displays, you can make a powerful first impression, without even saying a word.

Everything you need is right here.

Whether you need some of these commercial audio video services or a full a/v integration solution, you can find everything you need under the same roof with 425tech.